How to Mine an Asteroid

Guest: Sean Regan Head of Product Marketng, Atlassian

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How to Mine an Asteroid

You might think the first step to asteroid mining is get a rocket ship. Usually you would be right. But on this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, Sean Regan, Head of Product Marketing at Atlassian, is taking a different approach. To Sean, mining an asteroid speaks more to the idea that a portion of your marketing, or overall company strategy, has to seek out untapped, sometimes hard-to-reach areas, otherwise you’ll just be chipping away at coal in the same mines as everyone else, looking for small, incremental bumps in value. As Sean says about marketing, “if you’re not nervous about it—even a little bit—there’s a pretty good chance it doesn’t matter.”

At Atlassian, a software developer aimed at improving collaborative productivity for companies, Sean keeps asteroid mining front-and-center when formulating marketing strategies. On today’s episode, join in as he and Drew talk about how to bring emotion and creativity to science-driven marketing, how product development and marketing is contributing to Atlassian’s 100M monthly active user goals, how to get customers to become brand evangelists, and more.

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Meet the Guest

Sean Regan is the Head of Marketing and Growth at Atlassian, a $20b “upside-down” company from Australia that focuses on helping teams work together in an open way. He’s been part of a successful startup exit, part of the largest merger in SW history and part of an incredible IPO at Atlassian, a subtly disruptive company that is reshaping how people buy software with products like Jira, Trello, and Confluence. 

Sean’s marketing teams focus on balance but rarely focus on the median. The middle is safe, the middle is comfortable, but it isn’t where the rewards are. 

He believes in building teams that combine the edges. The head and the heart, art, and science. Team’s that show up and stand out.  

Out of the office, Sean’s an obsessed skier, father, and husband living in San Francisco with a vague Boston accent that has mellowed over ten years in California. 

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