CMO Huddles

CMO Huddles: Share, Care, and Dare Each Other To Greatness 

Ask a B2B CMO their biggest challenge and they’ll tell you, TIME. Knowing this, every aspect of CMO Huddles is designed to save CMOs time, to help them make faster, better, and more informed decisions. From peer-to-peer Huddles to an always-on Slack channel to arranged 1:1s to pithy weekly recaps, CMO Huddles brings together and empowers B2B marketing leaders to share, care and dare each other to greatness. 

At the core, Huddles are expertly moderated conversations on today’s most pressing topics with a small group of peers. Part workshop, part therapy session, Huddles are unique thanks to the no-holds-barred sharing by the Huddler community and the deft guidance of acclaimed B2B expert Drew Neisser. The author of two well-respected books, and over 600 CMO interviews, Drew also ensures the conversations stay on point and that the recaps always deliver inspiration.

There are also exclusive PR opportunities including the wildly popular Tuesday Tip videos which are recorded at the end of each Peer Huddle and CMO Huddles Studio, a special live-streaming show. Both of these properties are ultimately turned into episodes of Renegade Marketers Unite, the top-rated podcast for B2B CMOs. If building your personal brand is important to you (and it should be), CMO Huddles is unrivaled. 

Our community has grown to >350 active members (affectionately known as “Huddlers”) and is welcoming more relentlessly curious marketers every day.

As of June 2023, CMO Huddles opened its doors to B2B marketers of other levels, expanding its services to include 3 membership tiers: Leader, Insider, and Starter In addition, CMO Huddles now supports B2B referral partners as well as continuing its program for CMOs in transition. Apply for membership at

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