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CMO Coaching: Building Your Personal Brand

It happens to nearly every Chief Marketing Officer at least once in their career–the day when their world is thrown upside down and it is time to find a new opportunity. It is that day when many CMOs first start thinking about their accomplishments, leadership style, category expertise, professional network and marketplace visibility, all of which make up his or her personal brand. That day, however, is way too late. The time to be thinking about your personal brand is today.

When it comes to the personal brands of CMOs, Drew Neisser is a singular expert. He has interviewed and written about over 150 senior marketers in the last five years, 64 of whom appeared in his book, The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing. He has also worked closely with numerous CMOs in his capacity as CEO of Renegade, helping them to develop some of the signature programs of their careers. And as a founding member of The CMO Club, Drew has even earned the nickname “The CMO Whisperer.”

On a highly selective basis, Drew Neisser provides one-on-one coaching for CMOs and aspiring CMOs. Tailored to your specific needs, Drew will help you assess your current situation, establish clear objectives and guide you towards the realization of a personal brand that is good for you and your company.

Here are a few of the critical junctures Drew can help you through:

  • Negotiating Before You Take the Job: This is a key time to sell your boss on the importance of your visibility in the marketplace.
  • The First 90 Days: Successful CMOs always have a 90-day plan, which includes assessment, acculturation and action.
  • Internal Issues: Some CMOs rub their counterparts the wrong way by gaining exposure for themselves that is perceived as self-serving.
  • Thinking About Changing Categories: It is easy to get pigeonholed as a one-industry wonder.
  • Mayday: You’ve spent twenty years being an offline marketer and its time to reinvent as a social / mobile / local / digital guru.

To explore a private Coaching engagement, please contact Drew.  


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