CMO Coach

B2B CMO Coach:

Starting with his proprietary CMO assessment questionnaire that helps identify focus areas, CMO Coach Drew Neisser brings a flexible yet effective approach to each engagement while promising 5 core benefits:

Clarity — It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of multiple requests from bosses, peers, and subordinates. It then gets hard to distinguish the subjective from the objective. Neisser will listen to your challenges helping you to process the facts and isolate the extraneous. Clarity of purpose will emerge, making it easier for the CMO to focus on a few difference-making priorities.

Accountability — The CMO job is unquestionably difficult even in ideal circumstances, so it is easy to convince oneself that delays and setbacks are acceptable or worse that success is not possible. As your coach, Neisser becomes an accountability partner, helping you stay committed to the actions that will have the biggest impact.

Confidence — Getting down on oneself is a natural outcome of the CMO pressure cooker. Unfortunately, this negativity compounds like interest, sapping energy and impairing judgment. Painting a clear image of success, Neisser will help you prepare a strategy that builds confidence and eliminates doubt.

Creativity — CMOs are confronted with numerous ideas every day. Evaluating these options is tiresome, leading some to dismiss ideas less on merit than source, less on potential than expedience. As an objective third party with decades of marketing experience, Neisser will help you establish evaluative criteria and think through the feasibility of your options.

Conclusiveness — Ultimately, you the CMO will need to make decisions, decisions that will determine how you spend your time, the strength of your team, the effectiveness of your marketing and how you are perceived by your fellow executives. As an unbiased coach, Neisser will help you think through these decisions and come to better conclusions.

Here are a few of the critical junctures Drew can help you through:

  • Rebranding: This is a perilous moment for any CMO and well worth having a seasoned advisor in your corner to help you avoid landmines and work through issues.
  • The First 90 Days: Successful CMOs always have a 90-day plan, which includes assessment, acculturation, and action.
  • Internal Issues: Some CMOs face lots of internal issues that can prevent success. Drew will help you work through these issues with time-tested approaches.
  • New CMOs: It’s hard to say “no” when you’re in a role for the first time. There are also landmines everywhere you turn. This is a must-have moment for having a coach in your corner.

To explore a private Coaching engagement, please contact Drew.