What B2B CMOs Need to Know About Web 3.0

Guest: Shelly Palmer CEO, The Palmer Group

The metaverse. Web3. Cryptocurrency. NFTs.

These platforms may not be at top of mind for most B2B CMOs today, but maybe it’s time to start evaluating their potential. That’s why we invited futurist Shelly Palmer, CEO of The Palmer Group and co-founder of Metacademy, to speak at a CMO Huddles #BonusHuddle about the exciting possibilities of these community-building tools.

Now we’re airing the conversation on Renegade Marketers Unite. Tune in to hear about how these tools are already being used by big brands in the real world, how CMOs can get started in their Web3 education, and more! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How marketers can take advantage of Web3 
  • Real world examples of metaverse community building 
  • How to get started 


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