VMware CMO on Big-Time B2B Transformation

Guest: Carol Carpenter CMO, VMware

VMware is going from big to bigger. To start, VMware has added 8,000 new hires in the last year, standing now at 37,000 employees strong. Not only that, but the mega-B2B brand has also expanded its offerings, spelling out a robust suite of services to encompass on-prem and cloud solutions.

Such massive change requires a massive shift in mindset. In this episode, CMO Carol Carpenter shares how VMware’s value proposition transformed, how they introduced the new brand to employees and customers, and how everything VMware’s marketing team does is driven by one big question: “Does this give us 10x impact?” Tune in for yet another great interview on Renegade Marketers Unite, a top-rated podcast for renegade CMOs and other B2B marketers.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How VMware adjusted its value proposition amidst massive change
  • How VMware brought its new story to employees and customers
  • How to balance Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

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