Recruit, Retain, Rejoice: Upping Employee Experience

Guest: Caroline Tien-Spalding - Michael Collins - David Kirven CMOs, Aptology - CFA Institute - Reltio

What’s a B2B brand without employees? In a word, nothing. They are the lifeblood of any company—the ones who execute brilliant strategy, the ones who take care of your customers, the ones who represent your brand to the world. That’s what makes a renewed focus on employee experience (EX for short) so important, especially when The Great Resignation is a very real challenge today.

In this episode, CMOs David Kirven of Reltio, Caroline Tien-Spalding of Aptology, and Michael Collins of CFA Institute share how their organizations are approaching employee retention, as well as how they are optimizing the recruiting process to bring on great employees faster. The show also covers the role brand plays in EX, what we can learn from people data, and the unique role C-Suite leaders play in recruiting and retention. Tune in!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Useful employee retention tips to apply to your B2B organization
  • How 3 CMOs are optimizing the recruiting process
  • The role brand plays in recruiting and retention

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