Univar Solutions Marketing Chief on the Science of Service

Guest: Rob Whitney VP Global Marketing, Univar Solutions

When Univar, the second-largest chemical distributor in the world, acquired Nexeo Solutions, the third or fourth-largest, VP of Global Marketing Rob Whitney had a challenging task on his hands. This M&A wouldn’t be about absorbing a smaller company, it was about creating a whole new brand culture out of two strong organizations.

Enter Univar Solutions. In this episode, Rob shares the story behind the brand consolidation, demonstrating a strong sense of what it takes to revamp a B2B brand that’s more than just a coat of paint. Tune in to hear how the new brand story of “Growing Together” came to life as Univar responded to the pandemic, with marketing leading the way as the company pivoted to the ultimate form of customer service: solutions-based service.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Univar became Univar Solutions after acquiring Nexeo
  • How Univar pivoted to solutions-based marketing
  • How Univar is bringing its new B2B brand story to life

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