The GenAI Genie: Unbottling Versatile AI Use Cases

Guest: Nicole Leffer CMO AI Advisor, A. Catalyst, LLC

What are you using AI for? According to CMO AI advisor Nicole Leffer, that’s the wrong question to ask. Instead, CMOs should be asking, “What are we not using AI for, and how can we?”  

Nicole is CMO Huddles’ favorite GenAI genie. She returned to a recent CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle to share a wide range of use cases for GenAI, from copywriting to image generation, from landing page analysis to strategic insights.  

This is an episode dedicated to optimizing your team’s time and your strategic initiatives. Don’t miss it!   

What You’ll Learn 

  • New developments: Using AI for copywriting 
  • How to use AI for graphic creation, website analysis, interview prep 
  • How to train your team on AI  

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