Two Drews Tackle Top CMO Challenges

Guest: Drew Neisser Founder & CEO, Renegade & CMO Huddles

CMOs have a lot on their minds lately, so let’s get into the mind of one, shall we? Or, even better, let’s get into the mind of host Drew Neisser, as he hosts a conversation with himself (is this what it feels like to be in his head?!) on all the things CMOs are thinking about right now and how they’re solving them.

Sourced from the conversations happening at CMO Huddles, Drew (and Drew) cover everything from employee retention to proving brand value to managing a messy inbox, providing useful takeaways you can implement today. After this episode, even the busiest CMO will know how to reclaim 10+ hours of their time per week (Seriously!) and work more effectively than ever.

Want to learn more about our CMO Huddles community? This just skims the surface of what top B2B CMOs of today are solving together…come join us!

What you’ll learn:

  • The top 5 issues on CMOs minds today
  • The best quick tips for tackling digital fatigue, retention issues, and swamped schedules
  • Why brand is so important and how to justify brand spend

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