Transforming B2B Customers into Raving Fans

Guest: Marshall Poindexter - Jakki Geiger - Simon Schaffer-Goldman CMOs, OpenEye Scientific - Reltio - Case Paper

“When the going gets tough, the tough hug their customers.” That’s the theme that emerged early on in CMO Huddles, and the going at that point in April 2020 surely was tough. As the world shut down, customer retention became a top priority for many B2B brands, with astounding results—customer success strategy revealed itself to be a key growth strategy.

Customer-centric marketing does not only increase the likelihood of cross-sell and upsell opportunities, it also cultivates a healthy set of customer champions who are more than happy to refer prospects (and what’s more convincing to buy than a glowing customer review?). In today’s episode, CMOs Marshall Poindexter of OpenEye Scientific, Jakki Geiger (formerly of Reltio), and Simon Schaffer-Goldman of Case Paper cover the ins and outs of building and maintaining great customer relationships—don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How 3 CMOs cultivate customer champions
  • Why customer retention needs to be a top priority
  • How marketers can partner and align with customer success

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