Top 3 Challenges for B2B CMOs in 2022

Guest: Drew Neisser Founder & CEO, Renegade & CMO Huddles

We haven’t had a Drew-on-Drew episode in a while, so buckle in for a meta-conversation between Question-Drew and Answer-Drew for episode 250! That’s right, Renegade Thinkers Unite has reached episode two-five-zero, and with so many interviews over the years, Drew has tracked the challenges that B2B CMOs have faced as well as the solutions they’ve implemented to lead their organizations to greatness.   

Pulling together these insights as well as those gleaned from Renegade Thinkers Live discussions and the confidential conversations at CMO Huddles, Drew reflects on three core issues that B2B CMOs are facing these days. Tune in to learn how CMOs are working to recruit and retain top talent, lead hybrid workforces, and preparing to meet their CEO’s growth expectations for 2022.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to attract, win over, and keep great talent
  • How adapt to post-pandemic changes in the way we work
  • Four growth buckets to focus on in 2022

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