Think Fast, Talk Smart: CMO Edition

Guest: Matt Abrahams Author, Think Faster, Talk Smarter

Every day, CMOs must navigate a whirlwind of high-stakes, spontaneous conversations, from pressurized boardroom challenges to delicate internal communications. Yet many have no formal training in this area or formulas for improvement. 

In this episode, Stanford professor and communication expert Matt Abrahams shares actionable, science-backed strategies from his latest book, “Think Faster, Talk Smarter.” Whether it’s acing unexpected questions in job interviews, managing crises, or giving feedback, discover the structures and exercises that will prepare you to handle every spontaneous scenario like a seasoned pro. 

This episode was originally recorded in front of a live audience, hosted by CMO Huddles, an exclusive community of B2B marketing leaders. If you’d like to join these conversations in the future, learn more at    

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to master spontaneous conversations 
  • Structures to help you be clearer and more concise, plus exercises to practice  
  • How to deal with unexpected interview questions 

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