The B2B Market Research Episode

Guest: Denise Vu Broady - Dan Lowden CMOs, Appian - Human Security

B2B market research. When done right, it’s a tentpole for an entire quarter’s worth of marketing activities. A resource to help SDRs transform leads into genuine opportunities. A newsworthy buzz about your brand that will catch the attention of everyone in your orbit, including customers, prospects, analysts, and talent for those highly skilled roles you’re trying to fill.   

For this episode, we’ve got two world-class CMOs to share all the ins and outs of B2B market research with you—say hello again to longtime friends of the pod: Denise Vu Broady of Appian and Dan Lowden of Human and tune to learn how to get your B2B market research to do all of the above. Happy listening! 

What You’ll Learn  

  • The business value of B2B market research 
  • How to find the right agency partner 
  • B2B market research best practices 

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