The B2B Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine

Guest: Lori Wizdo Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Being customer obsessed has always sounded like a good idea. And here’s a stat that should catch your (and your C-Suite’s) attention: “Customer obsessed companies have 10% higher performance numbers in revenue, growth and profits, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. That’s 3x the rate of companies that are not customer obsessed.”

In this episode, Forrester’s Lori Wizdo shares how CMOs can take the reins and help their companies develop customer obsessed growth engines. Tune in to learn why you need one, how to pilot one, and how to flip the script from “data-driven” to “insight-driven” strategy. You won’t want to miss it!

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why customer-obsession is good for business 
  • How marketers can rethink the buyer’s journey 
  • How to pilot a customer-obsessed growth engine  

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