The B2B CMO of the Future?

Guest: Brand Starr - Rolly Keenan - Peter Finter, COO - CRO - CMO, Tegrita - Tegrita - CyberGRX

It’s time to restructure your B2B organization. To trim down your MarTech stack. To reconsider which metrics matter. These are things that this episode’s guests are all in agreement on, and taking it one step further, they also believe that the CMO is the one for the job.

Tune in to hear from two of the three CMO to CRO authors, Brandi Starr and Rolly Keenan (COO and CRO of Tegrita, respectively), as we compare the future-thinking recommendations put forth in their book with those in Drew’s new book, Renegade Marketing. To keep everyone honest, CMO Peter Finter of CyberGRX brings a bevy of real-world experience and insights to the table. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why B2B marketers need to cut their tech stack
  • Why B2B organizations should restructure
  • How the CMO can drive revenue operations in the C-Suite

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