Sweetening Honeywell’s Brand Promise

Guest: Joe Toubes VP Global Marketing, Honeywell

You’ve no doubt heard of Honeywell, the publicly traded, multinational conglomerate among the Fortune 100 and list of top 100 US federal contractors, with stock in both the Dow and S&P. Around since 1906, Honeywell is a mega brand, bringing in over $32 billion in revenue with a global workforce of over 110,000.

But what is it that Honeywell does exactly? That was the marketing challenge Joe Toubes encountered when taking on the VP of Global Marketing role in 2019—the market still associated Honeywell with a product it didn’t even sell anymore. Tune in to learn how Toubes and his team revamped the Honeywell brand, solidifying a new message in the market and attracting top talent along the way.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Honeywell transformed its brand
  • How to conduct an effective B2B market research study
  • Why employees are crucial to brand, demand gen, and recruiting

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