Strategic B2B Sales Enablement: The 10,000 Foot View

Guest: Rebecca Stone - Marni Carmichael CMOs, Cisco Meraki - ImageSource, Inc.

How are elite marketers helping Salespeople (and the prospective customer) make the buying journey fruitful (and not frustrating)? 

We take a broad, strategic look at the question in this episode with experts Rebecca Stone, SVP Customer Solutions Marketing & CMO at Cisco Meraki, and Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing at ImageSource. It’s full of strategic gems that B2B marketers can use to better support and align with their sales teams. 

As you’ll learn, synergy between Sales and Marketing is about a synergy between consistency and spontaneity, brand and individual style, art and science. Tune in to get your Sales Enablement plan in tip-top shape for 2023.  

What You’ll Learn  

  • What’s working in sales enablement (and what’s not) 
  • How to align marketing and sales plays  
  • How to scale customization and personalization 

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