Spearfishing with ABM

Guest: Laura Beaulieu - Ali McCarthy - Kevin Sellers CMOs, LeanLaw - Ping Identity

Once you go ABM, there’s no going back. That’s the sentiment that our CMO guests shared in this episode of Renegade Marketers Unite, and for good reason. Tune in to learn how ABM can transform the revenue engine at B2B organizations, setting marketing up as a key strategic player and enabling personalization at scale.

CMOs Kevin Sellers of Ping Identity, Laura Beaulieu of LeanLaw, and Ali McCarthy share their experiences standing up and evolving ABM at their firms. As Kevin declared, “ABM done right is spearfishing. You’re not casting the net super broad and sorting through it, you’re really going after specific fish.”

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What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs evolved ABM programs at their organizations 
  • Why you need clean data for successful ABM 
  • How ABM can redefine the marketing function 

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