Salesforce CMO on Leading Through Turbulence

Guest: Sarah Franklin President & CMO, Salesforce

In January 2023, Salesforce announced it was laying off 8,000 staffers, roughly 10% of its workforce. Smelling blood, five sharks of Wall Street—otherwise known as activist investors—started buying shares. It was a big blow for the brand that has been at the center of the tech world for the last 15 years, but one that it hasn’t been afraid to face head on. 

Welcome Salesforce President & CMO Sarah Franklin to Renegade Marketers Unite, here to share how Salesforce is committed to leading from the front, especially during turbulent times. Tune in as we talk about how to stay true to your brand values, why you need to drill down on customer centricity, what AI will mean for the future of B2B marketing, and a whole lot more. 

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to lead during turbulent times 
  • The future of generative AI & marketing 
  • How to be more customer centric  
  • How to be your own best customer 

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