Renegade Wrapped: 2021 in Review

Guest: Drew Neisser CEO & Founder, Renegade & CMO Huddles

Curious about Drew’s top hits for 2021? Well, this is the episode for you. From the rocket growth of CMO Huddles (a community for B2B CMOs that share, care, and dare each other to greatness, if you didn’t know) to the release of Renegade Marketing, this year has been one for the books—filled with ups and downs and a whole lotta B2B marketing lessons.

Tune in for one of our special Drew-on-Drew episodes, where the Drews review 2021, covering top challenges CMOs are facing with recommendations for how to face them head-on. Key takeaways? 2022 should be the year to: Stick to your North Star. Lead by doing less, better. And take small bets that could become big bets.

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why CMO Huddles rocks
  • Drew’s top lessons learned from 2021
  • Where B2B CMOs should focus in 2022

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