Renegade Marketers…Unite!

Guest: Drew Neisser Founder & CEO, Renegade & CMO Huddles

Wait, wait, wait… Renegade MARKETERS Unite? You heard that right. After 259 episodes, we’re re-establishing a little bit more loudly and clearly what this podcast really is—a hub for renegade marketers. This is a podcast that records and celebrates fascinating stories from visionary B2B CMOs, a very specific brand of renegade thinkers in the B2B world.

The name change falls right in line with Drew’s new book Renegade Marketing: 12 Steps to Building Unbeatable B2B Brands out Oct 5th, compiling insights gleaned from 450+ CMO interviews, research studies of 200+ CMOs, and years of torture testing the prescribed strategies. In this episode, Drew the host asks Drew the author some hard-ball questions about the book, like why you should read it and what you can learn from this valuable marketing resource. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • All about Drew’s new book, Renegade Marketing
  • What it means to be a purpose-driven B2B brand
  • How B2B marketers can benefit from reading Renegade Marketing

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