Rebranding a 57-Year-Old Company with Sāgo CMO

Guest: Ellie Ahmadi CMO, Sāgo

The CMO role is the most bespoke in the C-Suite, the range of responsibilities and challenges changing from company to company, growth stage to growth stage. In Ellie Ahmadi’s case, the challenge when she joined Schlesinger Group in the end of 2021 was to give the 57-year-old a brand a fresh face, one that matched the acquisitive company. 

Enter Sāgo, officially launched March 1st, 2023. In this episode, Ellie shares the work behind finding and launching the new brand name (in 11 months, no less), with a ton of great tips in how to activate a new brand for employees and customers without losing 57 years of brand equity. And all of this while building a better than ever demand gen engine. 

Tune in for a fascinating episode!   

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to balance brand and demand in you first 90 days 
  • What it means to change your brand name 
  • How to roll out a new brand to employees and prospects 

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