Radical Candor: The CMO’s Guide to Fearless Feedback

Guest: Kim Scott Author, Radical Candor

At the heart of transformative leadership lies a powerful concept: Radical Candor. It’s the art of caring personally and challenging directly, a philosophy Kim Scott crafted to help others achieve results collaboratively that you could never achieve alone.

For B2B CMOs, adopting Radical Candor can be a game-changer. In this episode, Kim Scott herself applies the principles of Radical Candor to the unique challenges of the CMO role. Tune in to learn how to communicate collaboratively with your CEO, your C-Suite peers, and your teams, all in the name of B2B greatness.

Captured live in front of a CMO audience, this session is part of CMO Huddles’ ongoing Career Huddle Book Club series spotlighting thought leaders and authors who are reshaping the world of business.

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What You’ll Learn 

  • How to solicit and give great feedback 
  • How radical candor can increase productivity 
  • How to talk to your boss, your peers, and your teams 

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