Pump Up the Product-Led Growth!

Guest: Allyson Havener - Michael Callahan CMOs, TrustRadius - Acronis

To the extent that you can create a self-guided buying experience, the happier your customers and potential customers will be. That’s one of the big ideas that drive Product-Led Growth (PLG for short), the topic we cover in this episode featuring CMOs Michael Callahan of Acronis and Allyson Havener of TrustRadius.  

Michael and Allyson’s insights into marketing’s role in driving PLG are a must-listen for marketers no matter who you work for and how you go to market. Tune in to learn how to optimize your PLG efforts to nurture prospects, drive adoption and upsell, and bring your B2B organization to new heights! 

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to get product led growth right 
  • How to nurture PLG prospects and drive upsell/adoption  
  • Why self-serve products still need marketing 

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