Pipeline Playbooks for Peak Performance

Guest: Kathie Johnson - Josh Leatherman - Gary Sevounts CMOs, Sitecore - Service Express - Malwarebytes

Ready, set, drive pipeline!

That’s the battle cry for B2B CMOs, where driving growth from day one is a given—and consistently delivering on that promise is non-negotiable. This episode zooms in on the tactical prowess of three CMOs who have turned pipeline playbooks into a science.

Tune in to hear wisdom from proven pros: Kathie Johnson of Sitecore, Joshua Leatherman of Service Express, and Gary Sevounts of Malwarebytes. They’ll delve into the critical assessment of a company’s current state and how to craft dynamic pipeline playbooks that not only meet targets but exceed them.

Expect to walk away with a playbook of your own, filled with actionable tactics and hard-earned wisdom. Are you ready to escalate your pipeline strategy? Get this conversation in your ear buds!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs design their pipeline playbooks  
  • Real world plays that work 
  • How to define targets, opportunity stages, ++  

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