Penguins, Purpose, and Perseverance

Guest: Dr. Pablo Borboroglu Founder & President, Global Penguin Society

What do CMOs and penguins have in common? More than you might think! Celebrate a major milestone with Episode 400, as Drew goes off the beaten path, sitting down with Dr. Pablo “Popi” Borboroglu – penguin conservationist extraordinaire and founder of Global Penguin Society (GPS). 

Popi shares his lifelong purpose of protecting penguins, and the vital role these remarkable birds play in the health of our oceans and planet. Learn amazing facts about different penguin species, their abilities to thrive in extreme environments, the threats they face, and how you can help. 

Hear incredible stories like how Popi’s team grew one colony from 6 penguin pairs to over 8,000 through community partnership and eco-tourism efforts. He also shares his ambitious $6 million vision to purchase and preserve critical breeding grounds to ensure penguins survive for centuries to come. 

This conversation highlights the efficient, adaptable, highly social, and resilient nature of penguins—qualities top marketers need to drive impact. Whether you’re a penguin lover or looking for creative ways to engage your B2B communities, tune in! 

Final Note: Renegade Marketers Unite is brought to you by CMO Huddles—a highly engaged community of B2B CMOs inspiring B2B greatness through confidence, colleagues, and connection. A group of penguins is called a “huddle,” and CMO Huddles donates 1% of all annual revenue to GPS. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • Common threats faced by penguins 
  • How GPS is helping penguins 
  • How to aid in penguin conservation  

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