Pandemic Pivot: Another B2B Success Story

Guest: Jennifer Stagnaro CMO, HackerRank

If you have a product that would really help customers adapt to the world of remote work, how do you sell it to them while being mindful of budget cuts, layoffs, and a global downturn? Take a page from HackerRank’s book. The B2B tech company’s remote interview solution was just what their primary personas needed, and CMO Jennifer Stagnaro knew that the product needed to be endorsed with empathy and generosity.

In this episode, Jennifer shares how HackerRank transformed the remote interview experience for the better, reaching out with useful, timely content and offering free solutions to customers and prospects in a time of need. These were the seeds that led to the best Q3 in the company’s history. Tune in to hear how they did it, as well as how HackerRank is aiming to diversify the tech space one interview at a time.

For full show notes and transcript, click here.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How HackerRank improved the remote interview experience
  • How free solutions and useful content can generate leads
  • How HackerRank is integrating D&I into its solution

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