Mastering the Mic: A CMO’s Playbook for Podcast Guesting

Guest: Rachel Downey Founder & CEO, Share Your Genius

Want to be the best podcast guest?

Rachel Downey, the mastermind behind Share Your Genius, unveils her secrets to help you amplify your voice—and your brand—via the power of podcasting. Whether you’re aiming to bolster your personal brand, widen your company’s reach, or attract fresh talent, hopping onto a podcast could be your game-changer.

This episode is your all-access pass to mastering the art of podcast guesting, including how to:

  • Select podcasts that align with your vision. 
  • Find the right tech for a flawless audio (and video) presence. 
  • Craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences. 
  • Measure the exposure and reach of your show appearance.  

And for the visionary CMOs out there, we’ve got something special—as a B2B podcast production expert, Rachel shares exclusive insights into starting and hosting your own podcast, tailored for the B2B space.

Ready for the mic? Tune in now!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to decide which shows to be on 
  • How to rock the show interview 
  • Post-show promotion and measurement  
  • and… Bonus: Podcast production tips! 

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