MarTech Meets AI: Integration Insights

Guest: Adriana Gil Miner - Chris Willis - Andrew Bennett CMOs, Iterable - Acrolinx - Smartsheet

AI has become the secret weapon for many marketing teams. In the MarTech world, this goes one step further: many MarTech CMOs are not only embracing AI but pioneering its integration.

Three such CMOs are Adriana Gil Miner of Iterable, Christopher Willis of Acrolinx, and Andrew Bennett of Smartsheet. In this episode, we bring them together so they can share how they’re marketing the AI that’s making their respective products that much more powerful. Tune in to deep dive into their strategies for rising above the AI buzz, leveraging PR, community engagement, word-of-mouth campaigns, and the myriad ways their teams are harnessing AI.

What You’ll Learn

  • How 3 CMOs are augmenting their products with AI
  • How to cut through the noise when marketing AI
  • How marketing teams are using AI

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