Marketing Ops — What B2B CMOs Need to Know

Guest: Mike McKinnon VP of Global Revenue Operations, LogRhythm

We have lofty expectations for our MarTech stacks. They’re meant to automate marketing processes to clear the way for more big thinking. To keep a clean and accurate tracker of every customer and prospect in the system. To prove to the org that marketing is contributing to growth.  

But this isn’t always the reality, and B2B businesses often find themselves with too much tech, not enough staff, and dirty data that focuses on the wrong metrics. Avoid these woes by listening to this episode with Mike McKinnon, VP of Global Revenue Operations at LogRhythm and author of The Marketing Operations Handbook (which you should get your hands on ASAP). 

This conversation comes from a CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle (re: a private Q&A), and answers all your questions about budgeting for MarTech, the intersection of Marketing Ops and Rev Ops, proving marketing’s value, and more.   

It just skims the surface of what top B2B CMOs of today are solving together at CMO Huddles… To learn more about our guest pass program, visit  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How to budget for MarTech 
  • The role of RevOps in marketing operations 
  • How to prove marketing’s value 

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