Make Time to Save Time: A CMO Guide to Productivity

Guest: Kory Kogon VP of Global Field Development, FranklinCovey

What’s a CMO’s number one adversary? Time.

In a role with such a wide purview and high expectations, there are a limited number of hours to get it all done. Enter Kory Kogon, VP of Global Field Development at FranklinCovey and author of The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity

Kory recently joined a CMO Huddles Bonus Huddle (re: a private Q&A) to share the 5 most important choices anyone makes during the day and change bad, time-sucking habits in order to be less busy, more productive, and healthier all around. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn  

  • 5 techniques to improve your productivity  
  • How CMOs can get control of their schedules again 
  • The 5 most important activities to increase your energy levels 

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