Make CMO Life a Little Less Difficult in 2024

Guest: Drew Neisser CEO & Founder, CMO Huddles

An “invisible” B2B recession, budget cuts, and short-termism… it’s not easy being CMO.

In this special episode hosted by Julie Livingston on her show, PR Patter, as Drew tackles these timely challenges head on. This episode isn’t just about weathering the storm; it’s about charting a course to innovation and long-term triumph. We’ll explore how to invigorate your marketing strategy, reallocate budgets, and rethink how marketing and sales work together.

Let’s turn obstacles into opportunities and set the stage for a year where being a CMO doesn’t just mean leading marketing—it means leading the market! Here’s to a fantastic 2024.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How B2B marketers can flourish in 2024 
  • How to avoid short-termism  
  • Which trends marketers should keep an eye on 

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