LTI CMO: The Shoshin of Brand, Demand, and Expand

Guest: Peeyush Dubey CMO, LTI

Want to teach an old dog new tricks? Teach them shoshin. It’s a word from Zen Buddhism that means “beginner’s mind,” a state of approaching any challenge with a childlike eagerness. It’s about infinite curiosity, about the constant learning process, about being an open canvas to all the possibilities out there.

It’s the shoshin mindset that drives everything at LTI, a global IT and digital solutions company with 40,000 employees around the world. In this episode, CMO Peeyush Dubey shares how shoshin has driven the brand’s success, especially in relation to LTI Canvas, the new product that LTI developed in three months in response to the COVID pandemic.

Tune in to hear all about it in this fascinating interview, as well how LTI scales its marketing efforts under a three-pronged structure of brand, demand, and expand.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How LTI scales its marketing efforts
  • Behind the development and rollout of LTI Canvas
  • How LTI encourages experimentation via shoshin

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