Listen with All Your Heart: Leadership Lessons from my Dad

Guest: Carl Neisser Drew's Father,

This special tribute episode is dedicated to Drew’s dad, Carl Neisser (1927-2023). The original recording aired 5 years ago, when Carl joined Drew in the studio to share lessons on life, leadership, and curiosity for episode 100. The lessons are as important as ever today, for everyone, including marketers and business leaders.

Tune in to learn how to build a network across the span of a lifetime, why you should never stop learning, what it means to be a great leader, and the most important lesson of all: Find a loved one and listen to them with all your heart.

What You’ll Learn  

  • How to build and maintain a network across a span of a lifetime  
  • Lessons on leadership, accountability, and the power of a great team 
  • Why you should stay curious  

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