Leveraging LinkedIn for Leading CMOs

Guest: Beth Granger CEO, Beth Granger Consulting

If there’s a social media platform where a CMO can gain substantial influence, LinkedIn is the one. So how can marketers get their voices out there? Enter Beth Granger, your LinkedIn Guru, who joined a CMO Huddles Career Huddle to share her top tips for networking and connecting on the popular business platform.

Beth works with organizations and individuals who want to grow their businesses through referrals and unleash the power of LinkedIn. Tune in as she shares her exclusive insights into managing your personal profile—what to write, when to post, who to tag, and more. We cover everything from LinkedIn Live to LinkedIn Groups, what happens when you go Creator Mode, and the ever-elusive LinkedIn algorithm. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to build a better LinkedIn profile 
  • What to post, how often, and when to tag 
  • How to get better engagement on LinkedIn 

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