Keeping Employees Front and Center

Guest: Caroline Tien-Spalding - Jeff Perkins - Tanika Vital-Pringle CMO - CMO - Founder, Aptology - ParkMobile - Brand Rebirth

Why should B2B organizations make employee engagement a high priority? According to Forbes, highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Employees that feel supported by their companies stay longer, perform better, and are less likely to get burnt out. They become cheerleaders for your brand, attracting other great talent and generating buzz that is nearly impossible to replicate any other way.

In this episode, CMO Caroline Tien-Spalding of Aptology, CMO Jeff Perkins of ParkMobile, and Tanika Vital-Pringle, the founder of Brand Rebirth, discuss just how to develop employee-first cultures that will be able to withstand tough times, drive empathy, and enable employee loyalty. This profound and practical conversation is undoubtedly a lesson in the power of empathy—don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The lasting value of an employee-first culture
  • How CMOs can engender brand love
  • How to create inclusive spaces for employees to thrive

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