Architect of Influence: The Inaugural CMO’s Impact on B2B Brand

Guest: Sangeeta Prasad CMO, Slalom

How do you CMO at a B2B org that’s never had a CMO before? In this episode, we explore this unique challenge with Sangeeta Prasad, Slalom’s first-ever CMO (and it’s not her first rodeo either, she was also inaugural CMO at Russell Reynolds). 

Tune in to learn how Sangeeta masterfully approaches the inaugural CMO role, blazing the path for marketing to drive business growth. The conversation covers how to transform frustrations into quick wins, how to balance brand and demand, and how to get marketing a seat at the strategic table. We also explore Slalom “Fiercely Human” repositioning and their big Dreamforce reveal. Don’t miss it!  

What You’ll Learn 

  • How to be company’s first CMO (twice!) 
  • How Slalom repositioned its brand 
  • How to balance brand and demand 

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