How to Serve Your B2B Customers When They Need You

Guest: Cary Bainbridge CMO, ABM Industries

Of the B2B brands that became essential post-COVID, ABM Industries sweeps up. Literally. No, this isn’t a show about Account-Based Marketing per se; it’s about a facility services company that stepped up during a time of need to ensure that employees, customers, and customers’ customers were safe.

Tune in to this fascinating interview with ABM CMO Cary Bainbridge, where she shares how the company relied on the experts and adapted in real-time to help customers through a time of need. This is a lesson in pivoting under pressure, with great insights for marketers into co-branding, developing essential services, and more.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How ABM stepped up during the pandemic
  • How ABM launched and marketed a new service offering
  • The value of B2B co-branding

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