How FIS CMO Spells Brand

Guest: Ellyn Raftery CMO, FIS

What does B2B success look like? Some might say that it looks like $12 billion in annual revenue with over 60,000 employees serving more than 20,000 clients in 130 countries, and in that case, FIS is right on the money. So why did the financial services company decide to turn their focus to building brand awareness?

In this episode, CMO Ellyn Raftery shares how FIS simplified its brand after acquiring Worldpay, streamlining a docket of 800+ products into 10 distinct categories and one brand story as it shifted into a B2B2C mindset.

Tune in to learn how FIS developed the new brand, how they made it real, and how it’s setting them up for even more growth in the future. Plus, learn Ellyn’s secret to CMO longevity—she’s been at FIS for 9 years!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How B2B company values helped FIS adapt during COVID
  • How FIS developed and rolled out its new brand
  • Why great B2B branding increases business value

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