How B2B CMOs Fill Their Funnels

Guest: Jeff Morgan - Andrés Roselló - Kevin Briody CMOs, Elements - Cognex - Edmentum

The road from cold lead to engaged prospect can be long, winding, and notoriously hard to trace. But the top of the funnel is a good place to start.

In this episode, three seasoned CMOs delve into their techniques for nourishing the top of their funnels and the nuances of lead assessment and qualification. Discover the power of impactful content and learn the triggers that send a qualified lead to Sales.

Tune in to hear from our special guests Jeff Morgan of Elements, Andrés Roselló of Cognex, and Kevin Briody of Edmentum.

What You’ll Learn 

  • How 3 CMOs feed top-of-funnel (and what’s working) 
  • How to assess and qualify potential prospects 
  • When Sales should step in  

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