Awareness Matters: How One B2B CMO Cut Through

an interview with
Kevin Sellers CMO, Ping Identity

What happens when you pair an identity security company and Terry Crews? An impressive, wildly successful influencer marketing success story, that’s what. It was the final piece of the “Let’s boost our brand awareness” puzzle that Ping Identity CMO Kevin Sellers was looking for. They had already identified their new brand identity and got internal support, now it was time to go big.

This episode is all about the courageous, artful, thoughtful, and scientific marketing that goes into building brand awareness, all in the service of driving new customer acquisition. As Kevin shares, “You can’t win business if you don’t even get a chance to bid on the deal.” Tune in for an inspiring story about brand differentiation, with ingenious marketing executions and measurable results.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Ping Identity differentiated its brand
  • Ping Identity’s influencer marketing success story
  • How to measure a brand awareness campaign

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