Precisely How to Change Your Brand Name

an interview with
Kevin Ruane CMO, Precisely

Would CMO Kevin Ruane recommend renaming a brand during a pandemic? No, he wouldn’t; but they had to do precisely that when Syncsort acquired the data and software division of Pitney Bowes in December 2019. The company had 6 months to change the Pitney Bowes name—6 months that just so happened to coincide with all of the disruptions of 2020.

In this episode, Kevin shares how Syncsort became Precisely, a global leader in data integrity committed to its “Trust Your Data” message. Tune in for tried-and-true best practices for B2B brands undergoing a name change, like when to get employees involved (hint: early and often) and how to successfully transition old brand equity over to a new, purpose-packed brand.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How (and why) Syncsort changed its name to Precisely
  • Why brands need to involve employees early and often when rebranding
  • How Precisely launched its new name and messaging

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