Creating Your Own B2B Category

Guest: Scott Brazina CMO, Impact

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It’s not easy to create your own category. It takes vision, it takes competition, and it requires the analysts’ blessings. But, if done right, category creation can differentiate your business in a big way. B2B brands that establish a new category often become the household names of said category—visionary thought leaders who are tuned into ever-evolving customer needs. 

CMO Scott Brazina joins us in this episode to discuss how he’s helped create not just one, but two categories during his career. First at PTC with the product lifestyle management category (PLM) and now at Impact with partnership automation. Be sure to tune in for incredible insights into when it’s time for category creation, how to know it’s working, and how to continue standing out when competitors begin to follow your lead.    

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • When a business should consider creating a new category 
  • How PTC and Impact created PLM and Partnership Automation categories
  • How to measure a new category’s success

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