Abundant Generosity Begets Abundant B2B Sales

Guest: Heather Zynczak CMO, Pluralsight

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At the beginning of 2020, Pluralsight decided it was going to give away all of its online tech courses for an entire month. The education company knew that this might negatively affect revenue, but that was a risk worth taking. After all, unemployment numbers were soaring and non-essential workers had to stay at home—this was an ideal time to learn some new skills and level up.

Pluralsight’s offering came to be known as #FreeApril, and so far it’s yielded remarkable results. 1.1 million users took advantage of the offer in markets around the world, and it didn’t cannibalize sales either. In fact, it’s helped close deals in unexpected ways and helped Pluralsight fulfill its altruistic mission: To democratize tech skills across the globe. In this episode, CMO Heather Zynczak shares how they did it, how they plan to nurture these new seeds, and why abundant generosity is the way to go. Check it out!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How abundant generosity can yield abundant B2B sales leads
  • Why #FreeApril was a mission-driven initiative
  • How Pluralsight is nurturing 1.1 million #FreeApril users

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