Here’s what you missed — Episode 199: Today’s Resilience is Tomorrow’s Excellence

Guest: Chandar Pattabhiram CMO, Coupa

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What does B2B excellence look like in a downturn? When faced with this question, the software company Coupa quickly adopted a story of resilience. The decision to change its messaging allowed Coupa to change buying committee perspectives on its offering—if the prospect’s goal was to preserve capital and mitigate risk in the long-run, Coupa had the solution to get there.

Coupa’s strategy has proven effective, and the company’s skyrocketing stock is proof. In this week’s densely packed episode, CMO Chandar Pattabhiram uncovers how they pivoted under pressure, harmonizing their messaging and releasing it to a 100% digital world. He also shares valuable insights, like Geoffrey Moore’s concept of “provocation selling,” the 4 P’s of pivoting, and how Coupa is taking action against social injustice.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Coupa changed their go-to-market messaging
  • How to show B2B buyers why your solution is necessary
  • Chandar’s 4 pivoting P’s: positioning, posturing, programs, people

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