Generating Demand with Content Marketing

Guest: Richard Jones CMO, Cheetah Digital

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With physical events and direct sales canceled, the idea of filling the pipeline with valuable leads may seem daunting. However, many CMOs see this challenge as an opportunity to prove that it can be done digitally, and it’s become glaringly apparent that when it comes to B2B demand generation, content marketing is king.

One such CMO, Richard Jones of Cheetah Digital, has made quality, valuable content his top priority. Why? Because he knows that a well-oiled content engine will not only help their salespeople find and close leads, it will also engage customers and attract new talent in profound ways. In this episode, Richard and Drew discuss everything from building your content strategy to measuring its success. There’s a wealth of valuable insights to be found, so be sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How Cheetah Digital built their content marketing engine
  • How good content marketing helps close sales and attract customers
  • How COVID-19 shifted Cheetah Digital’s marketing strategy

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