B2B Partnerships That Matter

Guest: Carlos Carvajal CMO, K2

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Like many B2B companies, K2 Software has really zeroed in on what makes its low-code process automation platform mission-critical for its customers. Unlike many B2B companies, K2 had already started shifting its strategy and messaging in 2019, months before the far-reaching effects of COVID were on anybody’s radar. In the scramble to prove that its product or service is essential during a downturn, K2 was ahead of the game.

In this episode of Renegade Thinkers Unite, K2 CMO Carlos Carvajal shares how the company’s recent brand transformation and various internal and customer partnerships have helped them navigate the challenges of 2020 and transform automation for the better. Be sure to tune in to hear about the success of K2’s virtual event, the launch of a new sub-brand, how K2 celebrates customer success, and more.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why K2 transformed into a mission-critical brand (pre-COVID)
  • How K2’s marketing strategy is generating revenue
  • Why B2B customer partnerships and product partnerships matter

For full show notes and transcript: https://bit.ly/3jq1mRb

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