What Makes a Marketing Leader

Guest: Thomas Barta Author & CMO Expert,

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What Makes a Marketing Leader

What’s it take to be a marketing leader? Well, you can have boundless knowledge of metrics, have a mind for strategy somewhere in the neighborhood of Sun Tzu’s, and write copy that would make Hemingway blush, but just having the sharpest tools on your belt won’t cut it. Above all else, you need to able to mobilize your team.

As Thomas Barta puts it, you need to be energetic, you need to inspire, and you need to be a role model. As the authority on marketing leadership, you’d be wise to heed his call. Barta was a partner and senior marketer at McKinsey, led the world’s largest study of marketing leadership (68k+ assessments!), published a book on the subject, and is a regular contributor for multiple news outlets. He’s consulted and marketed for 20+ years, in 14 industries, across 45 countries. You could say he’s picked up a thing or two on the way—tune in to this week’s special episode, recorded with a live audience of top-tier marketers and CMOs (who contribute along the way), to hear more about marketing leadership, effective attribution, learning from the customer voice, and more.

For full interview: http://bit.ly/2lp5okZ

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Meet the Guest

Thomas Barta is the world’s premier expert, author, and keynote speaker on marketing leadership. Thomas is a former partner of McKinsey. His research brings a fresh perspective to the world of marketing: leadership–including the world’s largest study, with over 68,000 assessments–on what makes for an impactful marketing officer. Thomas is the author of the leadership bookThe 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader.He writes for Forbes, Marketing Week, and his own TryThis.Blog.

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