Take It Slow — How Research Can Supercharge Your B2B Marketing

Guest: Dawn Colossi Chief Marketing Officer, FocusVision

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How Research Can Supercharge Your B2B Marketing

When you order a pizza, you want it delivered quickly. It should prepared, placed in one of those fancy heat-retaining delivery bags, and be at your door within the half hour. Boom. Simple.

A brand transformation is not a pizza (stop the presses!). Most marketing endeavors, in fact, benefit immensely from first slowing things down. Do your research, let ideas cool off while you consider them, and make sure your efforts are built on a strong, deliberately crafted foundation. Then, order your team a pizza to celebrate a well-executed campaign.

That’s part of what Dawn Colossi, CMO at FocusVision, a customer insights company, preaches. Research is absolutely key. No matter how tight the deadline, how urgent the project, it’ll always be beneficial to start off with the research, even if a light, initial round. Tune in to hear more about effective researching, tactful surveys, and how to be more deliberate in your marketing efforts.

For full article: http://bit.ly/2XQSlad

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Meet the Guest

Dawn Colossi is CMO of FocusVision, a leading research technology software company. A Top Woman in MarTech and Digital, Dawn specializes in strategic marketing and digital transformation. 

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