How SAP Hopes to Make the World Run Better

Guest: Alicia Tillman Chief Marketing Officer, SAP

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How SAP Hopes to Make the World Run Better

If you were constructing a bingo board based on the lingo in tech company discussions, you’d have “disrupt” right in the middle square, as it’s basically a freebie. What’s far less common, is seeing a company actually follow through on that disruption, but that’s what SAP has managed to do. Alicia Tillman, CMO, has been hard at work trying to re-envision how SAP presents itself, largely driven by the CEO’s ambitious goal to crack the top 10 most valuable brands in the world.

So, Alicia took the reins, set about repositioning the company, and has since seen SAP move from 21st most valuable brand to 17th—their highest growth rate since 2009. Quite a few cylinders have been firing to make this happen: Their commitment to rallying behind a bold, company-wide purpose, their internal buy-in and alignment, their dedication to creativity and storytelling, and of course, good old fashioned hard work, have all played a major role in kicking SAP into the next gear. For more of Alicia’s keys to effective marketing, and to get a closer look at how one of the most valuable companies maintains and builds on its success, check out the full interview.

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Meet the Guest

 Alicia Tillman is the global Chief Marketing Officer at SAP. Alicia is responsible for curating and accelerating the company’s worldwide marketing strategy and furthering its brand recognition. A purpose-driven marketer, she is committed to telling the authentic SAP story, demonstrating how the company’s innovative solutions are powering social, economic, and environmental change through its community of customers.  

Since assuming the role, Alicia has led a factory-reset on the organization’s global messaging strategy. Alicia developed and launched the Best Run Campaign and reinvigorated brand narrative in April 2018. This messaging framework now serves as the bedrock for SAP’s global marketing initiatives. Her efforts have helped elevate SAP’s international recognition, raising the company’s brand ranking four spots across several independent organizations. The company is now ranked the 17th most valuable brand by Brand Z, and 23rd most valuable brand by Forbes. She has also been recognized as a leading CMO, ranked number 29 on Forbes’ Most Influential CMO list in 2018.  

Prior to her role as global CMO, Alicia was the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP Ariba, the world’s largest business to business commerce network. During her tenure, the business achieved double-digit revenue growth for eight consecutive quarters. She also spent 11 years at American Express as the head of Marketing and Business Services after leading Public Affairs, Corporate Communications and Media Relations for the Global Business Travel division. 

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